The greatest barrier to this value is internal capacity. An overworked and understaffed IT department tasked with delivering an open data solution may lean too heavily on out-of-the-box tools and easy-to-acquire datasets, providing data where it exists rather than seeking out and developing data pipelines that provide genuine value.

At GearLab, we want your open data portal to be a place for conversation, engagement, and innovation. Our research team can work with your local civic and tech communities to understand what datasets and metrics provide them with genuine value. By working across departments to understand and avoid data sharing roadblocks, we can help build the pipelines that provide the most valuable data to users quickly, while keeping the burden of data publication and maintenance off the plate of managers and office staff.

The success of open data relies on the public’s ability to make use of data at its highest granularity, but this can be a highly technical process that leaves otherwise interested and engaged citizens at loose ends. Armed with a thorough understanding of your open data platform and strategy, we can provide a wide variety of public training sessions to help your residents understand and experience the value of raw government data. This can range from broad education on platform use to deep dives on a particular dataset in conjunction with your upcoming major engagement initiatives.


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